4 Ways to Know if You Need to Break-Through

All Olympic games are replete with interesting stories and this winter Olympic games in Russia is no exception. But I’ve never heard a story like this one before. While showering inside the athlete’s village, American Bobsledder Johnny Quinn got locked into the bathroom. In his own words, “With no phone to call for help, I used my bobsled push training to break out.” via @JohnnyQuinnUSA, Twitter post on February 8. He literally broke through the door performing a “#SochiJailBreak.”

#SochiJailBreak via @JohnnyQuinnUSA

#SochiJailBreak via @JohnnyQuinnUSA

This made me think of the jails we sometimes put ourselves into mentally. How often do we allow ourselves to be held in captivity to our own self-limiting beliefs and negative thinking?

Do you need to break-through?

What lies on the other side of the closed door you live behind?

4 Ways to know if you need to Break-Through:

  1. You’ve given up the fight. You accept life as it comes at you, possibly grumbling about it but never venturing to make any significant changes.  Year after year, you’re having the same conversation. You’re “working on” the same issues, with little to no progress. Instead of spending so much time talking, spend more time doing. Incorporate action words into your vocabulary. Quinn couldn’t have broken through that door if he sat and stared at it, mumbling about how he wished it wasn’t stuck, how he wished he wasn’t locked in. He took action. What is one action you can take today to move forward?
  2. You often think in terms of, “I can’t” instead of, “How can I?” You need to eliminate the words, “I can’t” from your vocabulary altogether. There’s no end to your possibilities if you put your mind to it. Be solution-oriented. When something goes wrong, recover quickly and start thinking about what you need to do now. What is one area of your life where you continue to say you can’t? How can you change that statement today into “This is how I can!”
  3. You compare yourself to others. This is death. You were never meant to be someone else so stop comparing yourself to someone you’re not suppose to be. You were meant to be the very best version of YOU. Discover your own unique gifts and talents, develop them and then share them with the world. That’s why you were born. You have a unique contribution to make that only you can make.
  4. There’s nothing new in your life. You haven’t tried anything new. You haven’t met anyone new. You haven’t gone anywhere new. During the drought last summer in Texas, I would run past a small pond on my morning runs. There wasn’t any fresh water going into the pond since there was no rain and the fountain in the pond wasn’t working. So the water sat stagnant. As the summer wore on and the temperatures rose, that water began to smell as bacteria grew. No circulation. No fresh water to replenish. When you don’t circulate, and add new things into your life mix, you can get stagnant. Your thinking begins to stink, and your life follows. Never stop learning. Never stop meeting new people and trying new things.

How can you be like Johnny Quinn and break-through the door of self-limiting beliefs and negative thinking?

Where do you need to take action instead of just talking?

How can you make it a habit to always move forward thinking of how you CAN!?

What can you do today to develop yourself to your fullest potential?

What one new thing will you try this week? Or what one new connection can you make?

A world of options and opportunities lie waiting for you on the other side of the door in your mind. What will you do today to begin your break-through?

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