10 Ways To Be More Interesting


I am not the most interesting person in the world.

That will not come as a surprise to anyone.

I did play paintball with a group of 15 and 16 year old boys on Saturday though.

That’s a little interesting.

I had never played paintball before but I had been watching American Ninja Warrior on TV and thought that should be enough to qualify me to accept the invitation.

And so I went and played a few rounds.

I felt like a boss, even though I had no strategy and my aim was terrible.

I had no fear.

Which did put me in peril.

But it was paint and not real bullets, and I wasn’t getting recruited for the army. So I lived and didn’t jeopardize any career opportunities.

I can now join in on any conversation about playing paintball, which is extremely important when you’re talking with teenage boys.

Which leads me to the topic of being interesting.

I’ve been around people I find fascinating and I’ve been around people who make me want to set my head on fire from boredom.

This caused me to pose the question to my posse of what makes a person interesting and we came up with 10 solid ways to be more interesting.

Before I share those with you let’s step back and understand why we would want to be more interesting to begin with. It’s not about you or your self-esteem. It’s about sharing your story with others to help them in their life journey to make their lives better.

It’s never about you.

Always about others.

With that being said – here’s what we agreed makes people interesting.

 10 Ways To Be More Interesting

1. Life experience. When someone has actually done something, there is immediately more credibility as well as a heightened interest level from those listening. Anyone can read a book (and I’ve read thousands just yesterday) but not everyone has the actual experience. And we all know it’s two very different things.

2. Be well-traveled. Experiencing new places, people and cultures is interesting because it’s completely different from how we live life day to day. There is always something to be learned from other cultures as I discovered from this article that was shared with me recently on families in the Danish culture.

3. Be genuinely interested in others. I was recently around someone who talked non-stop about himself. I wanted to drive over a cliff after the first 15 minutes. No one else had a chance to say anything.  Everyone eventually tuned out. When you are interested in others, they become engaged and real dialogue takes place. That’s interesting.

4. Do things no one else has done. During our conversation we talked about Olympic athletes and the like because they have done things most of us have not. However, just doing things differently also qualifies for being interesting. Everyone does something one way, you do it a different way, that’s interesting.

5. Be a good story teller. This video absolutely cracks me up. People who can take every day situations  and turn them into a good story, are interesting and entertaining (even if there are no snap chat filters.)

6. Add to conversations with your experience, knowledge and seemingly unrelated topics. When you are able to make connections and shine insight on a topic through one of these three ways, you become interesting because you help people see things they didn’t see before.

7. Be relatable. When someone shares a story of their experience, and you have had a similar experience, you become the “You too?!!” person. When you can be the, “You too?!!!” person, you are immediately more interesting. Everyone wants to know that they are not alone and not the only one. Be vulnerable enough to be relatable which will make you interesting.

8. Make ordinary things interesting with your perspective. See #5.

9. Be persistent in something you’re passionate about. I’ve been around people who are so passionate about something it’s a contagion. I become interested simply because they are so passionate.

10. Dare to be different. When you can dare to be different you become interesting. If you’re the same as everyone else then I can just talk to anyone else to understand you. {Yawn} Be the original you were created to be!

Be confident enough to be interesting.

Try just one of these and discover deeper, richer, more interesting conversations emerge.

What else would you add to this list?





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