7 Simple Tips to Start the Week With Bold Confidence

By November 28, 2016Confidence, Leadership

7-simple-tips-to-start-your-week-withI love Mondays.

You read that right. I really do love Mondays.

For me Monday is a fresh start to a new week full of possibility. Do you feel the same way?

Mondays tend to get a bad wrap. For many it comes with a sense of dread thinking about the turkeys at work, the turkeys at home and the turkeys in your mind (a little Thanksgiving left-overs). But it doesn’t have to be that way.

You have the opportunity to make this the best week of your year so far. And you can confidently say that every Monday when you start your week with these…

7 Simple Tips to Start Your Week with Bold Confidence

1. Get up earlier. I’m sure you don’t want to hear that. We all enjoy a little extra shut eye but starting your week earlier will give you the extra time you need to get yourself positively prepared. An extra 15 minutes of sleep cannot outweigh 15 minutes of spiritually, mentally and emotionally preparing to have a confidently fantastic week.

2. Start intentionally. You can wake up feeling irritated or feeling happy. We can’t always control how we feel when we wake up but we can control how we think. Decide the night before the first words you will say to yourself when you wake up. Write them down if you need to but don’t let your emotions betray you into thinking toxic thoughts to start your week. You can force your way into a good day with thinking and acting confidently.

3. Start with purpose. What is it you want to accomplish today? We all have a list of tasks we must accomplish but we are bigger than our task list. We were meant to accomplish more than simply getting a list of things done. If you’re a leader, who are you leading and how will you inspire and motivate your people today? If you are a volunteer, how will you serve enthusiastically? If you are a parent, how will you set the example you want your children to follow? Think bigger than the task list.

4. Plan for the Monkey Wrench. No perfectly planned day goes as planned. During the 15 minutes you have because you got up earlier, mentally go into your day thinking about the people and situations you will be in. Prepare in advance how you will respond. Choose in advance the attitude you will have when the Monkey Wrench is thrown into the mix. Don’t act like it’s a surprise or that somehow you deserve to live out your perfectly planned day and thus respond irrationally or emotionally. Choose your attitude before you even leave the house. This is where a mantra can help. Something like, “What’s the opportunity in this?” can be a powerfully effective way to not only salvage a day but create a better day than you planned to begin with.

5. Create an atmosphere of confidence. Our brains are recording thousands of inputs that we are not even aware of making us either more or less confident every day. Making your home and work space organized and aesthetically pleasing will make you more confident. Placing positive words, quotes and reminders around that you look at on a regular basis will make you more confident. Think of your home and work space as the incubation tank for confidence and surround yourself with words, images and even scents that make you feel empowered.

6. Remove the toxins. Toxins come in a variety of forms. Food, people, media, music, anything that drains your energy and puts a drag on your progress is a toxin. Disengage. Repeat. Disengage!

7. Manage your distractions. Your brain is wired to use as little energy as possible. It’s easier for you to think about how to eliminate distractions than it is for you to force yourself to focus. So remove the notification bubbles on your apps. Turn off email while you’re working. Shut your door if you can and plow away on a project. Set a timer to gauge your progress. Schedule your distractions and interruptions so you’re in control. Determine when is the best time to get a chunk of work done and get it done! You will be more confident having made progress on a project and being in control of your time versus giving your control away to email, notifications and interruptions.

When you begin your week with these 7 simple tips, you are positioned for a break through week. Determine to start every single day this way, not just Mondays.

What would you add to this list?

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  • Dan says:

    Thanks for the great blog. It encouraged me to think about Mondays differently. A great start is so important. I have been easing into my Mondays way too much!

    • Kaylene Kaylene says:

      So glad this blog was a catalyst to changing your perspective on Mondays! A great start to the week can make all the difference in the kind of week you have. Start smart. Finish strong! Thanks for the comment Dan ~ Kaylene