If You Only Knew What You CAN Do

Take Your Dreams from Goals to Reality… Right Now!


You have two choices when it comes to goals; to be intentional or unintentional about them. The intentional goal-setter enjoys the rewards of focused effort and time. They have an edge on time because they’re effective and efficient with their time. The unintentional goal-setter accomplishes little more than making it through the day. In between fire drills they spend their time dreaming of “some day,” instead of making it happen. Learn how to overcome obstacles and set yourself up for success! This book will show you how to be intentional about your goals and take your dreams from goals to reality right now!

What People are Saying:


“Wow! This book will help you get the results you have always wanted!  It not only gets you started, but helps along the way.  This practical book will guide you to achieve more than you imagined.”
Dan Mathews, Supply Chain Director, PepsiCo Inc.

“As a leader in the workplace, this book helped me to consider how to take myself and my organization to the next level by setting goals and moving past the common obstacles to reaching those goals. I recommend this book to anyone who wants an edge personally and professionally in turning their visions into realities.”
Phil Evans, Middle School Principal

“Do you have a deep desire to venture into unexplored territories of achieving goals?  IF YOU ONLY KNEW WHAT YOU CAN DO will give you the passion to follow through and claim your dreams.  Kaylene Mathews writes with such a realistic intensity that it makes you want to drop everything and focus on conquering those goals just beyond your fingertips.”
-Karen Seelenbinder, author, musician, teacher

“Drawing from personal experience and her career as a Life Coach, Kaylene Mathews does a fantastic job of outlining the specifics to get you on the road to accomplishing more! Her passion for motivating people to live purposeful lives is clear and evident as she helps you identify your goals and takes you step-by-step to making them a reality.
Jennifer Zimbro, Human Resources Supervisor

“This is a book that will inspire the most reluctant goal setters to set their arrow at the target and achieve more than they ever thought they could. Full of funny anecdotes and inspirational stories, Mathews draws from real life situations to flesh out what it means to find your passion and reach your full potential. ”
Beth Evans, Secondary English Teacher

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