How to Have Confidence During Times of Uncertainty

By December 12, 2016Confidence, Leadership


The loss of a job, financial crisis, relationship crisis, health crisis, hair crisis, shoe crisis; life is full of uncertainty.

How do you view uncertainty?

Do you see it as a crisis in itself?

Or do you see it as an opportunity for something new, different and exciting?

The perspective you have on uncertainty will make all the difference in the outcome of your situation.

Your world gets bigger or smaller, enriched or impoverished depending on the perspective you choose.

There have been times that I felt like life as I knew it, hung in the balance and other times when my biggest worry was what shoes, if any, should I wear to the mailbox.

The times when we feel as if we have no control over a situation are the times we need to choose a different approach to get a different outcome.

We usually have more control than we think.

We may not be able to control whether or not we lose a job or whether or not our kids will turn out okay, but we can always choose our attitude, responses and the depth and breadth of our options.

7 Ways to be confident in times of uncertainty.

1. Take time to reflect. Remember in Who your confidence is rooted. The foundation of your confidence isn’t in who you are or your abilities or your resume. Your foundation is in the God of the universe Who has already gone before you and made a way where it seems there is no way.

2. Get your mind under control. The mind is the first thing to go. You’ll start thinking crazy thoughts when you’re experiencing uncertainty. Out of fear or need for an explanation, you will start making things up that aren’t true. Your mind will begin offering explanations for what has happened or what could happen to fill in the blank that uncertainty has left in the narrative of your life. You’re really in trouble with you start believing and acting on the lies. If you don’t know it to be true, reject it from your mind.

3. Get your opportunity thinking cap on. When you’re met with uncertainty, think about what your situation makes possible. One closed door here may mean an open door over there. The new door has gone unnoticed until now because you had no reason to look before. Write a list of as many opportunities and options that you can think of. Go crazy and include options that you wouldn’t have considered to be an option before today. We often get caught in our safe, responsible worlds which limits our thinking and options and now is your chance to think about what you really want in life. There’s nothing to lose and everything to gain.

sometimes-you-have-to-be-pushed-off-a-cliff-to-realize-you-were-meant-to-fly4. Focus on what you can do, not what you can’t do. You can always do something positive and productive that will help. Go work-out. Go volunteer. Call someone you haven’t talked to in a while. Then write a list of everything you can do while you’re in this season of uncertainty.

5. Keep a thankful journal. Sometimes we focus so narrowly on the negative of our situation, we forget everything that is right in our situation. Studies show that a thankful heart is good for your health and ultimately good for your soul.

6. Live expectantly. When you live expectantly, your focus is future-oriented and alive with anticipation of the good that’s coming your way. You will see opportunities where there once were seemingly none.

7. Be fully present in eliminating the dross from your life. When a silversmith works with a piece of silver, he must put it repeatedly into the fire to burn off the dross. Dross is the impurity in the silver that prevents the silver from being used for something beautiful. Uncertain times burn off all that isn’t important in our lives so we can focus on what is important if we choose to be present in the process. We can then build our lives around what’s left assured that what’s left if what’s most important.

Embrace your season of uncertainty. Literally anything is possible and that is exciting.

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  • K Anderson says:

    Loved this!

  • Joe Wulf says:

    Tony Robbins talks exquisitely about the Six Human Needs in lectures, his seminars and in some of his products. The need we all humans have for UNCERTAINTY needs to be balanced with CERTAINTY… whereby we can make progress in our lives. It is in HOW we deal with both that matter.