6 Reasons You Need to Do Something That Scares You

Image courtesy Pexels

Image courtesy Pexels

How often do you avoid doing something because of fear?

Have you found that the more you allow fear to control you, the more control it has over you?

Fear holds you back from being your best, succeeding, growing and living life fully.

6 Reasons you need to do something that scares you

1. The more you do something that scares you, the fewer things you’ll be afraid of. Doing anything for the first time can be scary. But once you do it, you eliminate the unknown. You become more comfortable with it until you can’t remember ever being afraid. The more things you try, the fewer things you need to fear.

2. You open yourself up to opportunities you didn’t know you had. The first time I ran a marathon I was scared. A multitude of “what if” scenarios stormed my brain. Since completing my first marathon, I gained self-confidence and became open to many new opportunities including starting my own business, writing a book and speaking at corporate events. Who knew running a marathon would open up those opportunities? I didn’t until I ran one.

3. It’s liberating. I remember having a difficult conversation with someone in my life. It was a conversation that I had feared and put off for literally years. After I had the conversation, I was able to stop thinking about what needed to be said and focus on moving forward. It was liberating.

4. You learn to control your mind. One of the number one fears is failure. For me, knowing that failure is a possibility just makes me concentrate on success. I was scared to death when I had my first large corporate presentation to a group of senior executives of a Fortune 250 company. But I knew that if I even let one negative, fearful thought into my brain, it would open up a floodgate to sure failure. Instead I focused all my mind powers to visualizing and concentrating on success. Was the presentation a success?  YES!

5. You become comfortable in your own skin. I’ve taken on a variety of challenges in my life. I’ve failed more times than I can count. Each time I fail, I learn. I’ve become more comfortable with putting myself out there. That took time and practice. I know that there will always be someone better than me and there will always be someone worse than me. The best I can do is just be me and that’s all I need to be.

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6. You assign a realistic value to the things that scare you. Every time I get to the other side of something that scares me I’m not afraid of it anymore. Like turning on the light in a dark room, the things I feared disappear when I don’t give into fear.  According to StatisticBrain 90% of the things we’re afraid of are considered to be insignificant. A study done by PRNewswire showed that, “84% of people hold onto irrational fear.” And my favorite statistic to underscore my point, “1 in 10 people fear using the photocopier and 1 in 12 believes ‘it’s out to get them.'” I believe it’s unrealistic that the copier machine is going to get me anytime soon.

Confident people overcome their fears and move forward to be the best they can be. I challenge you to take at least one action this week and do something that scares you. Soon you will be fearless in the process of becoming limitless.

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  • Fola says:

    It’s as though this article was written with me in mind!

    I need to stop “pre-judging” myself in all issues; this as somewhat reduced an otherwise promising career to a drab & flailing one. I’ll give myself some more room for failing forward, and loosen up a bit on some long held notions about life and living.

    Thank for you this piece!!

    • Kaylene Kaylene says:

      Fola – So happy to hear you have “found yourself” in the article. Now you can do something about it and breathe some life into your career to make it promising once again. You can do it! Wishing you much success ~ Kaylene