Leaders: 3 Reasons Why You Need To Be Relatable



As an author, speaker and consultant, I’ve had several tell me that they can relate to my stories. They say my stories make them feel empowered because through my stories, they see themselves in a new way and that opens up possibilities for them that they hadn’t considered before.

Being relatable is critical if you’re in a leadership position.

The people you lead need to know that you’ve walked a mile in their shoes and you know what their talking about.

Why relatable is important.

It connects.

  • First, it creates a connection between you and your team. Your team desires to be connected with you as their leader. You become accessible to your team, not lofty and disconnected.
  • Second, it creates a connection within the team. “Relatable” creates a common ground and a sense of community  where collaboration begins. We all feel more connected with people who have shared a similar experience, even if it wasn’t shared together. The team can rally when they begin on common ground.
  • Third, it creates a connection within themselves. When people connect with the deepest part of themselves, they can move towards being all they were created to be. Which then leads to them making the unique contribution that only they can make. Have you had the experience of listening to someone share a personal story only to say, “You too? I thought I was the only one!” It’s validating to hear a relatable story, especially from a leader.

Connection Tip: Meet your team where they are (relatable) then take them where they need to go (leadership).

It Inspires.

A relatable story inspires because it shows your team that you as a leader, are also human. At times a leader can seem so distant and irrelevant simply because of their position in the organization. However, when you share a personal story of overcoming challenges and shortcomings, it’s inspiring. It makes you human and relevant. Viewing another’s success, and knowing that it wasn’t easy but is possible is inspiring. Those stories make your people want to do the same.

Inspiration Tip: Share a personal story that shows your human side and inspires your team to move into greatness because of it.

It Empowers.

So often when we view someone’s success, we don’t think about what it took to get there. We think they were just born successful. As any consistently successful person will tell you, this simply isn’t true. When you’re willing to share your story in a way that is relatable, it empowers your team to think, “Hey, I can do this too.”

Empowerment Tip: Tell your team how you did it, so they can do it too.

Connect, inspire and empower your team by sharing your story and being relatable. Meet them where they are and lead them to where they need to go – Leadership.

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