I have had the pleasure of working with many of the industry’s top speakers and professionals. Kaylene ranks as one of the very best speakers we have worked with. She has a great energy and enthusiasm and kept the crowd engaged and laughing the entire time.”
~ Amber Andregg, Wealth Advisor, United Capital (Read More)

I highly recommend Kaylene Mathews for your next professional training event, whether it is in a large or small group setting, or even one on one. When it comes to staying committed and driving for results, the audience and your organization will absolutely benefit from her message.
Danielle Dalheim, Frito-Lay Women’s Inclusion Network, Leadership Development Sponsor (Read More)

“Kaylene came and spoke to our district level staff and served us not by speaking at us, but by encouraging us within our own contexts regarding growth in regards to time management. She sought to understand our setting, facilitated exercises that helped us objectify some of our time management challenges, and then provided applicable information to help us work through these issues. This is definitely a message that I could see us revisiting with our faculty. Thank you!” ~ Toby Oaks-Upper School Principal and Campus Director of Coram Deo Academy-Collin County


I would highly recommend the (PeopleMap) course. The session received very positive feedback from our leaders in attendance. They mentioned that they gleaned information about how to adjust their communication style based on the different profiles and appreciated the investment the company made in them with this training.
Kim Warmbier, EVP/CHRO, Dean Foods Co. (Read more)

I would highly recommend Kaylene Mathews and the PeopleMap System workshop for companies looking to improve the interpersonal effectiveness of their employees in a fun and engaging environment..”
Reta McKee, Supply Chain Sr. Manager, Frito-Lay Inc. (Read More) (One Year Later Testimonial)


Kaylene is a trusted advisor. She provides objective counsel and recommendations that have helped shape the manner in which I lead my consulting business. She helped me to establish a set of goals and objectives that are grounded in the way my business is run on a daily basis. Her perspective and counsel are very valuable to me. Through her coaching, I discovered and addressed blind spots in my approach to leading my executive team that have helped me unleash the full power of an aligned team. I now have a greater sense of well-being about the direction my business is heading. I would highly recommend Kaylene to any leader charged with delivering results in a complex and dynamic global market. She will definitely challenge you and stretch your thinking with fresh ideas and powerful feedback!
Joe Perovich, Senior Vice President
Global, $700M Consulting Firm

I highly recommend working with Kaylene as a Coach. She is warm, friendly, insightful, and, most importantly, effective! She helped me recognize some behaviors and patterns of my personality, good and bad, and then equipped me with tools to overcome some of the “achilles heels” of those less-than-desirable-behaviors while utilizing my strengths. Setting aside the time to meet with her, having that deadline and accountability, forced me to work on things that I otherwise would not have made time for. I learned to think a little differently about my time and evaluate my activities against my said priorities. Making change is a journey, not a day-trip. Kaylene is a champion for you and can be trusted to help you get where you want to go!
Kalen M., Allen, TX

Kaylene is a great coach. She has uncanny ability to ask the right questions and set you off in the right direction. You become self-motivated to take the actions needed to reach your goals. It seems so simple that you wonder why you needed her in the first place and then quickly realize you could not have done it without her.
Dan M., Supply Chain Director, Fortune 50 Company, Plano, TX

I found myself really struggling with accomplishing some goals and feeling overwhelmed in many areas of my life. I would highly recommend her as a Life Coach. She is very professional, prompt, encouraging, and insightful. It has been wonderful to have someone with a different perspective to help me set goals, find ways to achieve them, and hold me accountable. Through identifying my personality type, my needs, and my values, she has helped me discover changes needed in my life and why certain things have not been working for me. She is always excited when my goals are met but supportive and encouraging if I am struggling. She loves to see people living purposeful lives!
Jennifer Z., McKinney, TX

Kaylene is an amazing person and coach! I highly recommend anyone looking for a coach to encourage and motivate them with straightforwardness to gain a clear direction to work with her. Kaylene’s natural personality causes anyone she meets to want to improve and be successful. Coupling that with her excellent coaching skills to support and collaborate in order to find the best path for success is amazing. What I truly admire about Kaylene is when she commits to doing something – she does it! She will stand by your side as a coach to support you not only by keeping her commitments, but helping you to achieve yours.
Brian Williams, Faculty Member, Institute for Life Coach Training, Southern California

Kaylene is gifted with the ability to drill down to ask the important heart-of-the-matter questions. She quickly sees how to break challenges down into smaller, more manageable tasks. Kaylene is a visionary, and she has the unique ability to see things through to completion. She is an excellent, respectful listener and focuses on the person speaking. Kaylene delights in the accomplishments of others and is quick to cheer them on. She is a true leader – she blazes a trail for others to follow. Kaylene is grounded and rooted and offers wise counsel. She is a “the sky’s the limit” dreamer, but partners that with the above mentioned ‘grounded and rooted’ for the perfect balance. Last but not least, Kaylene is not self-seeking – she truly has a heart for helping others be their personal best.
Traci Smith, McKinney, TX

Kaylene encourages you and challenges you to be more than you ever thought possible.  Training for my first marathon was a daunting task; physically, emotionally, and spiritually.  Being a marathoner herself, Kaylene gave me great insights into the physical aspect of training, but more importantly, she helped me to see the big picture of achieving my goal.  It wasn’t just about the running. It was about priorities, setting goals, time management and determination.  Taking a seemingly impossible goal and breaking it down into achievable parts.  Her enthusiasm was the fuel I needed to take the next step, ultimately reaching my goal.  Kaylene has the unusual ability to know just the right thing to say at the right time, encouraging and at the same time pushing you to reach beyond your comfort zone to the next level.  She’s an awesome coach!
Lynda Delsol, McKinney, TX

If you want to move forward with change, Kaylene is the coach you’ll want to go the distance with you. She listens and asks powerful questions that prick the mind and soul, causing me to think outside the box. It’s easy to get a jump start, but Kaylene makes sure we finish the race by holding us accountable with the goals we set for ourselves. I highly recommend her!
Lyn Fish, Phoenix,  AZ

Kaylene has a wonderful gift in motivating and inspiring others. She is a person with drive and ambition and it is contagious in just being around her and being in her presence. She has a heart to see others step out of their comfort zone and not accept the status quo; but, dig deeper and strive for the life they want. She embraces change and loves growth. Kaylene listens, absorbs, and then responds. There is not anyone that I do not think would benefit from her expertise. She has a love for health and wellness, a drive for setting goals, and has experiences that she draws from to help anyone face and conquer their life journey. She is blessed with the ability to self-analyze and evaluates how she can improve with each client.
DeAnna Stone, Frisco, TX

Kaylene has a passion for helping others reach and achieve their goals. She has a true calling for coaching; listening to clients, clarifying goals, and helping them to move forward in their personal and professional lives. I highly recommend Kaylene as a life coach for those with a desire to achieve an unrealized goal, her drive and passion will help you move from where you are now to where you want to be.
Kris Plantrich, Resume Wonders, Ortonville, Michigan

Kaylene is an awesome life coach. She’s one of us…a regular wife, mother, friend…trying make the best life for herself, family and people she touches. She’s down to earth, funny and genuinely easy to relate to. She is living a good life because she has simply done the “work” it takes to get there….planning, focus, determination and extraordinary discipline. I can tell you that being around Kaylene makes the hard work fun.
Heather Greenlee, Chicago, IL

Kaylene brings energy, vitality and a common sense approach to overcoming everyday challenges. She has a unique knack of being able to motivate and to elevate those around her to be better and happier people, just for having known her.  Whether it is a struggle with career, family and personal relationships, physical health,  faith or personal happiness, we all wish we had someone in our corner encouraging us to maximize our potential.  Kaylene is that person!  Providing her own blend of positive reinforcement, personal accountability and a healthy dose of humor, Kaylene brings insight and balance to her Life Coaching skills. I could not be more confident than recommending Kaylene as a Life Coach.
Bob Brake – Strategic Account Lead, Indianapolis, IN

I strongly recommend Kaylene Mathews as a lifecoach. We did our foundational coaching training together and I had the privilege of being in Kaylene’s peer group. I have observed Kaylene as she coached other peer group and class members and have also been coached by Kaylene. I always felt that Kaylene was a “natural” at coaching; moreover, she values honesty and integrity in her own life, and it is these key elements that bring her coaching to an even higher level. You won’t regret working with Kaylene!
Martell Miki, Japan