The 5 Most Common Time Mistakes of Busy

Everyone is busy.

Work is crazy.

Lots of travel and meetings.

Kids are in a million activities.

We’re scared that if we’re not busy enough, we will miss out on life’s grand opportunity.

The promotion will go to someone else.

The kids won’t get into the best schools and live at home until we die.

The list is endless and it’s taking a toll on our quality of life.

It’s okay to lead a full life, just don’t forget to actually live life.

Avoid these 5 common time mistakes.

The 5 Most Common Time Mistakes of Busy People

1. No time for vacation. According to studies, Americans take only 50% of their paid vacation. No time off is having a devastating effect on our lives. We’re over-worked, over-stressed and under-productive.

If you think you can’t take a vacation you’re not considering the many benefits to be gained from getting away from it all.  Benefits such as good physical, mental and emotional health are just a few that will make you more effective, efficient and productive once you return back to work.

If you can’t afford to get far away, commit to mentally, electronically and emotionally disconnecting from the job while you stay close to home.

2. No time to Eat Smart. Fast fatty foods are killing us. We think we have no time to eat right but we’re on borrowed time when we choose to eat wrong.

Food is fuel for your body. Your body can’t run on junk for very long before it eventually breaks down in one way or another.

With a little thoughtful planning, you can eat smart each week. Set aside some time over the weekend to look at your calendar and plan your meals accordingly. Make a trip to the grocery to stock your fridge and pantry so you won’t be tempted to hit the drive through because you’re shelves are bare.

You get out what you put in. When you put good food in, your mind will be clearer and your energy levels up, all culminating into maximum productivity.

3. No time to exercise. This one isn’t altogether different than eating smart. Our bodies were meant to move. Our hearts NEED it to stay healthy.

The majority of us don’t have active jobs which means we spend a great deal of time sitting during the day.

We sit at our desks. We sit in meetings. We sit on planes, trains and automobiles. We are forever sitting and it’s killing us – literally.

You don’t have to make exercise hard. You don’t need some elaborate plan that you can’t stick with for more than one work-out.

Just start with something as simple as walking. Make it a habit. Once it becomes a habit, you can begin to add in more such as strength training.

The bottom line is to just move! It’s a matter of life or an early death.

4. Not enough time on important relationships. Relationships take time, all the time. You can’t spend a little time on a relationship and then leave it alone for a long period of time. They need to be nurtured to stay strong.

Evidence of being too busy is a distant marriage and non-communicative kids. You must be intentional to date your spouse long after the honeymoon is over and hang out with your kids to enter into their worlds.

Be intentional to spend time every single day investing in the people who are the most important to you. Then plan for longer periods of time connecting over the weekends and on vacations.

5. No time to relax, have fun, and create. I’ve run a couple of marathons and an odd assortment of other races and one thing I know, is that you can’t run forever. You can’t maintain the intensity. There will eventually be a break-down of some sort.

You  must be intentional to take the time to disconnect, relax and enjoy your life. Your health will improve. Your relationships will improve. Life will just get better and better.

If you’re making any of these mistakes plan to make a change today.

Don’t wait because time isn’t waiting for you and you’re missing out on really living!

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  • Gary Gruber says:

    One of my favorite topics. I believe time is a construct, an invention for our convenience and that most people live with the illusion that they can manipulate and regulate time, even organize their lives by clocks. I have a recent post or two on time and a couple of older ones as well. When you don’t have to work for a living or be somewhere, time takes on an entirely different dimension. Time and space are fascinating in how we think we occupy them when in fact, we are at their mercy and have very little control in the larger scheme of things. Just my two cents worth….

  • LaRae Quy says:

    Some great tips here, Kaylene! Traveling, spending time with loved ones, and not staying with a dead-end job are sure ways to love the life we live!

    • Kaylene Kaylene says:

      Agree LaRae! So many people I’ve worked with short change this side of their lives and it has devastating consequences to their health, relationships and overall quality of life! Thanks for your comment! ~ Kaylene