What To Do When You Miss a Goal

By January 8, 2017Goal Setting

vision-boardEvery year our family has a tradition of making vision boards and reviewing the previous year’s goals on New Year’s Day.

It’s fun to look back and see how we did at accomplishing our goals and making our vision a reality.

This past year, I accomplished only 50% of my vision board goals.

At first glance, that score is a failure in any grading system. However, after a brief review and contemplation, I consider it a win.

While I didn’t accomplish half of my goals, I accomplished focus on all of my priorities.

Sometimes priorities call for a quick change of course.

I was quick to change course midstream and be available for a child who needed some guidance and encouragement at a critical time in life.

I was quick to change course and be available to support a husband making an unexpected job transition.

Missing a goal isn’t as critical as missing a priority.

Missing a goal to focus on a priority is always a smart decision.

When you miss a goal, examine the reason to determine if it was a priority miss. If not, then you’re still doing well.

Changing the Vision.

Last year my vision board categories were: Faith, Family, Fitness and Work. Somehow, work seemed to be this extraneous thing and wasn’t seamlessly woven into the other areas of my life, possibly why I missed the mark in that category.

We all long to do meaningful work and it has to be woven seamlessly into our lives such that it nourishes us when doing it. It shouldn’t be this separate thing that must be endured but another expression of who we are. If it’s not, we may need to rethink the work we’ve chosen to do and if it’s adding to or taking away from our lives.

This year I reduced the size of my vision board to keep it simple, and broke it down into 3 key areas: mind, body and soul.

If what I’m doing isn’t a priority in one of these three areas, then I will know I’m off course.

Keeping it simple will keep me focused.

Did you miss any goals last year?

What will you do differently this year?

Happy New Year!



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