The (PeopleMap) session received very positive feedback from our leaders in attendance… a huge accomplishment given that we had over 30 people from Sales, Finance, HR, Operations, and Distribution in attendance with different levels of experience and thus varying expectations for the training. I would highly recommend the course.
Kim Warmbier, EVP/CHRO, Dean Foods

I would highly recommend Kaylene Mathews and the PeopleMap workshop for companies looking to strengthen communication departmentally and cross-functionally. The materials are immediately useable and transcend organizational levels.
Mark Billington, Sr. Director Customer Growth and Supply Chain Frito-Lay

I can honestly say that I have used the PeopleMap System and the learnings from your workshop more than any other trianing I have completed (and I have been through them all).
Reta McKee, Supply Chain Senior Manager Frito-Lay


In today’s Matrix Organization, effective cross-functional communication is a must. The Peoplemap™ System focuses on equipping people at every level of your organization to work 100% successfully with each other. Conflict is minimized while both individual and team performance improve.

The Peoplemap™ training is high content, but easy to understand and immediately useable in the workplace and at home. The workshop learning environment is fun, highly interactive, and practical. It provides simple, straightforward tools and skills that work day in and day out in all areas of life.

The Peoplemap™ questionnaire measures one’s personality type with only seven questions. It takes five minutes to complete and self-score with a 95% accuracy rate. Through the Peoplemap™ Communication System your people learn how to successfully relate, manage, motivate, sell, and problem solve with each of the four personality types to achieve bottom line results.

Program Descriptions:

Peoplemap™ Basic Program: Understanding yourself and Others

The Peoplemap™ Basic Program provides the foundation for success. This program is a one–day program designed to teach participants a simple and efficient way to work effectively with all relationships in their life and a simple and valuable method of personal “peak” performance. The program is fun, highly interactive and skills based. Participants have expressed that this training has provided them with skills that help not only in their professional lives, but all other areas of their lives. Employees are able to focus on work and avoid interpersonal conflicts that distract them from their job.

Peoplemap™ for Leadership Teambuilding

The Peoplemap™ Leadership Teambuilding Program is for people in leadership roles and their team. This program is designed for leadership training and teambuilding. Participants delve deeper into each of the Eight Core Interpersonal Competencies, learning and practicing how to work effectively with others at every level of the organization. This in depth, pragmatic training ensures that everyone on your team is equipped for peak performance to deliver optimal business results.

Kaylene Mathews Workshop Reference Letters:

What Workshop Participants Are Saying:

How would you describe the workshop leader?

  • “Knowledgeable about the topic. Very interesting to follow and understand.”
  • “Excellent! Provided sufficient information to do each exercise.”
  • “Energetic and engaging.”
  • “Good experience and base knowledge.”
  • “Effective, kept everyone on task and focused.”

What did you like most about the workshop?

  • “Great! One of the few sessions where I learned things that can apply at both work and in my personal life, improving my overall effectiveness!”
  • “It reminds you of the need to constantly improve and work on leadership skills.”
  • “Interactive and used a lot of real life examples.”
  • “Getting more comfortable with my teammates.”
  • “Very quick test but accurate”
  • “Caused a reason to pause and think about ways to improve – real and meaningful issues that need to be addressed.”
  • “Break-out groups and role playing.”

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